Up to 30 works on show
December 11-26, 2009
Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art
702 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 986-1156


Eleven by

    For its upcoming, group show, Giacobbe Fritz Fine Art has asked participation artists to submit paintings that measure on 11 by 11 inches, thus appropriately titling the show 11 x 11.
     Craig Kosak, Ben Steele, Deb Kaylor, Britt Freda, Wendy Chidester, Mary Alayne Thomas, Nocona Burgess, Erin Rosen and Gregory Stocks are among the artists who have risen to the challenge.
     The animals taht appear in Craig Kosak's work each represent a unique aspec of self discovery.
     "Animals accept themselves and each other exactly as they are and without judgment. Close observation of wildlife can teach us to more fully know and accept ourselves," says Kosak. "Two of my paintings in this show feature wolves, my totem animal for intelligence, wit, cleverness and partnership."
    Inspired by the wildlife and landscapes Kosak encounters while traveling, he returns to his studio with insights about the world and about himself.
     "Rather than faithfully documenting the flora and fauna, I strive to capture the feeling and emotions these trips provide," say Kosak. "Each trip consists of both a journey through the outer world, and an inner journed where I learn more about my humanity, my spirit and the world inside. These paintings are about both worlds and how they relate."

Gregory Stocks, Misty Morning, oil, 11x11

Wendy Chidester, Kobenhaven, oil. 11x11

Craig Kosak, Red Shaman, oil 11x11
     "I sarted to visualize art slogans on the sides of these old buildings. I love the way neon bounces off all of its surroundings, so painting old cityscapes with art history themes became a way to incorporate my surrounding into my work," say Steele. "I hope to convey my passion for art history and get a coverstation going by using classic art imagery in new and unusual settings."
    Deb Kaylor aims to have fun with her work and to consistently build connections with her collectors.
    "My goal is always to connect with the viewer, to bring out the good things in life. My paintings show them a time, place and feeling which hopefully will be reminiscent of an experience that they've had or with which they can identify," say Kaylor. "I chose sources from my travels--great times and great memories are always great inspiration."
The Gallery Says . . .
"This show, though tremendously eclectic, has in common the qualities of excellence, warmth, freshness, the embrace of color and texture, and a delight in portraying the world we share."
            - Deborah Fritz, Owner,
            Giacobbe Fritz Fine Art

Ben Steel, Munch Motel, oil, 11x11
     Kaylor's distinctive use of warm darks sets the desired tone and mood of her work. "I like to link dark shapes and shadows throughout the painting to create a cohesiveness and to move the eye," says Kaylor. "This also contributes to a color harmony which is of utmost importance to me."
     Wendy Chidester says she's inspired to paint old objects like cameras because of their unique shapes and the history they represent.
     "I like to imagine who the owner was, where the camera has been, and the photos it has taken. I hope the veiwer will see the beauty of these forgotten objects. I hope they will take a minute to appreciate obejects from the past as they find a final resting place in my paintings," says Chidester. "I hope that by putting these antique objects on a pedestal, memories from the past will be preserved."

Brit Freda, Three Bees, oil 11x11

Deb Kaylor, Florence Duomo, oil, 11x11

Erin Rosen, Sliver of Light, oil, 11x11

     Chidester enjoyed the task of painting within the 11-by-11-inch size limitation and found it worked with her chosen subject matter of four stereoscopic cameras.
    "Because I usually paint large pieces, it was a bit of a challenge to scale down. I love these cameras because of the reflection on the large lenses, the well-worn leather, and the exposed mechanical parts," says Chidester. "Each of the four paintings is set up the same way, in hopes that the viewer will feel like he or she is being photographed. Say cheese."



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